AATT Conferences

Starting in 2016, AATT has begun to organize annual conferences focusing on language, literature, and pedagogy of the Turkic languages. These are scheduled to take place immediately before the annual MESA conference, in a university setting closeby. The first AATT Conference was hosted by Harvard University in Cambridge, the second by Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. These conferences have been supported by the Institute of Turkish Studies [ITS], the hosting institutions, and AATT.

AATT Graduate Student Pre-COnferences

The Graduate Student Pre-Conference was established in 2005 to mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of AATT, taking place immediately before a MESA or CESS annual conference. It is designed to encourage research making significant use of sources in Turkish or other Turkic languages by graduate students in a range of disciplines enrolled at institutions in North America.  It promotes contact between students at various institutions, and allows for feedback from faculty discussants participating in the Pre-Conference. Another goal is to help students progress towards more formal presentations at national conferences such as those of MESA, CESS, and organizations devoted to specific disciplines. It has been generously supported by the Institute of Turkish Studies as well as AATT.